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About Nitro Powered RC Bikes

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Although nitro powered RC Bikes consume more fuel than gas versions, they deliver unmatched performance round the track. Nitro RC Bikes are ideal for seasoned RC Enthusiasts and sometimes ship getting a larger cost tag than other engine models.

Nitromethane, or nitro, is produced especially for drag racing, but is also used for fueling rockets and model airplanes. It is a result of a chemical reaction between propane and nitric acid. The high oxygen content of nitromethane enables it to burn with less atmospheric oxygen than gasoline. Drag racers must be careful, however, as nitromethane is highly explosive. Engine explosions have been known to occur if a nitro bike is not handled properly.

The body of the rc nitro bike should withstand extreme speed. The leading tire looks normal for any motorcycle. The trunk tire, however, is definitely an extra-large square tire presented with a wheelie bar that stretches 130 inches (330.2 cm) behind it. The leading tire appears off the floor once the bike begins to accelerate. Wheelie bars avoid the bike from flipping over once the front from the bike is incorporated in the air

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RC LEGO Motorcycles

RC LEGO Motorcycle could can do from hitting the slalom to putting the hurt on an RC LEGO Le Mans car.

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Mini RC Motorcycles

Mini RC Motorcycle motorcycles within this series are crafted to exact scale as well as in unbelievable detail.

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