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RC Gyro Motorcycle is actually that keeps two-wheel stability by having an integrated gyroscopic stabilizer while carrying out dizzying stunts. The gyro stabilizer ensures the motorcycle stays brilliantly balanced on wheels although it executes a number of stunts at the command from as much as 100' away while using radio remote. Additionally to forward, left, and right control, the remote includes a brake, and turbo that combine to create wheelies, perfect 360° back flicks, as well as front stands. Functioning front and back spring shocks cushion natural rubber tires over bumps helping carve easily through tight turns.

RC Motorbikes have long been an under appreciated series in the RC industry, mainly due to the logistics of creating a model that can actually balance and run on two wheels, whilst looking like an authentic, lifelike motorbike. built-in gyroscope technology, RC Motorbike can actually run on two wheels, maintaining balance and allowing you to pilot it around the track, reliving your favourite bike chase scenes or races. Built of high quality plastic and metal for a robust chassis that can withstand the inevitable accidents, with thick, anti-skid rubber tyres that grip the road, this RC Gyro Motorcycle is a dream to drive and will be an instant hit with both new hobbyists and experienced RC enthusiasts alike.

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